Monday, 21 March 2011

Greenstone Design UK managing director to open Eco Schools for Early Years conference

Press release: Monday 21st March 2011

Kent County Council's Early Years & Childcare market development team have chosen Gayle Souter-Brown, of Greenstone Design UK Ltd, to open the inaugural Eco Schools for Early Years conference this Wednesday 23rd March, 2011. An expert in the field of natural play, learning outside the classroom and sustainable playground design, Mrs Souter-Brown will talk about the importance of reconnecting our children with the natural environment.

Multiple studies have proven the positive link between times spent active in well-designed outdoor spaces with mental and physical well-being. When young children and adults are healthy they perform better socially and academically. Cost effective design of Early Years settings meet or exceed government guidelines for sustainable schools.

Sustainable and environmental education for Early Years is about having fruit trees to sit under, climb through, watch bees pollinate and eat the fresh fruit, a garden to dig in, harvested rainwater water to play gardener with, jungle planting to encourage exploration, places to hide, places to create, safe yet stimulating space and the freedom to enjoy the childhood we enjoyed. It is not about the hazards of greenhouse gases, but rather to provide opportunities for children to enjoy and thus learn to value the environment around them.

The Eco Schools for Early Years programme encourages young children to learn about the environment and simple things they can do to make a difference. Greenstone Design UK are experienced eco schools assessors and trainers. Their trained Early Years advisors and designers work with Early Years settings to develop natural play gardens where children learn by doing, by having fun.

For information on this press release please contact:

Sarah Betts,
Press Officer,
Greenstone Design UK

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